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eCommerce website development

With a clean, sophisticated and modern design by SouthSouthWest, this product showcase and ecommerce site was meticulously brought to life by DotDev.

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Tait eCommerce

Partner / SouthSouthWest

responsive CMS

BigCommerce website support

From research-led design tweaks to assistance with quarterly range/campaign launches. Our team provides reliable support and expertise on the BigCommerce platform for Steele Label.

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Steele Label Support

Partner / Steele Label

responsive maintenance

CraftCMS website and technical support

With the goal of building a fast, reliable and scalable solution for this high traffic blog servicing Australia and the US, we delivered a fresh design and a build from the ground-up with Craft CMS. Implementing tech like Varnish, Redis and Algolia search to ensure around the clock performance to address critical issues of performance and down time. Since launch the average page views has almost doubled and uptime has increased significantly.

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Sneaker Freaker Website

Partner / Sneaker Freaker

tech direction full stack dev CMS email template performance op maintenance DevOps content support

Sneaker Freaker campaign microsite

One of several campaign microsites build for the New Balance 24/7 launch in collaboration with Sneaker Freaker. Utilising multisite functionality DotDev took on the challenge of a one week turn around from design delivery to ensure a timely campaign launch.

New Balance 24/7 Microsite

Partners / Sneaker Freaker / New Balance

landing page

Sneaker Freaker campaign microsite

Advertising and brand partners are an integral part of Sneaker Freaker’s success. This showcase microsite for the very best Adidas shoes in the last X years is a classic example. Quick turnarounds, innovative thinking and quality front-end development is imperative for Sneaker Freaker and DotDev thrives on delivering.

The Very Best of Adidas Microsite

Partners / Sneaker Freaker / Adidas

landing page

WordPress website development

Working with the creative team as SouthSouthWest we delivered a portfolio site showcasing the breadth of work undertaken by one of Australia's most established and trusted commercial development providers.

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Qanstruct Website

Partner / SouthSouthWest

responsive CMS

Website and online catering platform

Following the delivery of a new website in partnership with creative agency SouthSouthWest, we have continued to work closely with Schnitz for over 3 years to Improve features and functionality such as online catering orders and ecommerce capabilities as well as supporting marketing activities.

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Schnitz Website

Partners / Schnitz / SouthSouthWest

full stack dev CMS maintenance

Shopify theme development

With immaculate artistic design we delivered a professional, flexible and easy to maintain solution on a platform that provides 24/7 support enabling an excellent customer experience. Our partnership with Beauty Connections expands across other brands like Red Earth and Coast To Coast.

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Skinvitals eCommerce

Partner / Skinvitals

tech direction solution design digital roadmap theme dev

Superbly knowledgeable, tech agnostic, swift to support and excellent quality of delivery.

Bashful - Garreth Wills

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