Diamond Exchange

The Challenge

The Diamond Exchange team came to us with the goal of bringing the showroom experience online. The biggest requirement of their project was improving customers’ usability and experience of designing their custom-made pieces. In addition to some design refreshes, they also sought improvements in the navigation and speed of their website.


User Experience
Technical Consulting
Shopify Theme Development
Sage X3 Integration
Salesforce Integration

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The Solution

Previously on Bigcommerce, we replatformed Diamond Exchange’s website to Shopify Plus, which gave their team more autonomy to manage content and launch campaigns in the long-term, such as flexible landing pages.

A big focus of the project was to improve customer experience and bringing the showroom experience to the website. There were two key parts to this. Firstly, we focussed on developing robust third party integrations with Diamond Exchange's ERP software provider, Sage X3. This was crucial to be able to build out omni-channel features that would keep their brand at the forefront of the online jewellery retail industry, such as Wishlist.

Secondly, we developed a streamlined way for their customers to create their own custom-made rings. Previous to this, it was quite clunky. The new method is faster, real-time and user-friendly, allowing for true personalisation.

Lastly, we ensured Diamond Exchange's digital marketing platforms were integrated properly on their new website, including Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, Mailchimp and Hotjar.

This upgrade has paved the way for Diamond Exchange to continue to be the industry leader by providing the best customer experience.


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