We follow agile(ish) methodology
and industry best practise.

Flexible and Reliable

We encourage a culture of transparency, agile methodology,
user-centred design and industry best practice.


We kick of every project with a Discovery Phase. Our aim here is to gather valuable insights and uncover the finer detail.

Through a series and workshops and interviews with key stakeholders we seek to clearly understand the needs and drivers of both the business and the end-user.

These insights will inform our approach, enable us to determine clear goals and appropriate technology. It also allows us to identify any pain points and potential risks so we can develop a well considered solution.

This is also an important phase in establishing a strong relationship and ways of working with clearly defined roles and and most importantly with open and flexible communication.


The ‘Discovery’ insights enable us to work on to defining a solution and identify the most effective approach to deliver a successful product.

We may create a detailed end to end project plan outlining all actions required for timely delivery or alternatively we may set up an agile framework prioritising efficiency, flexibility and speed to market. In both cases we provide detailed documentation with a clear set of action items to meet project goals and set realistic expectations.


This is when we tackle the actions and develop a functional solution including testing and optimisation.

We are adaptable and flexible in how we partner with brands and agencies based on the scope and duration of a project. This may include co-locating teams to work closely together, we welcome transparency and value collaboration. We’re happy to tailor our work approach to suit your workflow and needs.


We work closely with stakeholders to ensure we are prepared and deploy projects on time and on budget. Following final refinements and optimisation we implement a detailed check-list and quality control, before launching the product life.

Because we understand this can be a highly stressful time, we allocate a dedicated resource that will support and guide you through the Go-Live process. We will also provide any relevant account details, documentation and training.

We can also offer support for content population to ensure the product is market-ready on time.

Once the product is live we can either prepare your team to take over the project or continue our partnership through a support and maintenance agreement to ensure your solution remains fast, secure and optimised for success.

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