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I sleep eight hours a week

Sleep? Brendon hasn’t heard that word in years. Fourteen years, to be exact, peppered across experience in travel, education, health, retail, government and corporate sectors in agency and government roles. Sleep took a back seat to performance optimisation and operational efficiencies. As director of DotDev’s development team, Brendon is passionate about piecing together clever and agile development plans, so that for clients, the digital jungle looks and feels more like the Gardens of Versailles.

Brendon Nicholas

Technical Director

Good service is good business

When many hear ‘web nerd, they think ‘socially awkward, jargon-spitting, vitamin D-deficient.’ Well, they obviously haven’t met Aaron. A stickler for translating the often-impenetrable language of web into easy- to-absorb information, Aaron’s focus is ensuring clients feel informed, confident and excited about their project’s outcome. With 10 years’ experience across Victoria’s leading digital agencies, Aaron co-founded DotDev with customer service, solid project management practices and cutting-edge technology front of his web-obsessed mind.

Aaron Matthews

Director / Technical Lead

Love is essential; gregariousness is optional

An addiction to problem solving is one of the world’s lesser-known afflictions. Normally, addictive behaviour is cause for concern, but we’re inclined to stay quiet in this instance because Monmon’s obsession with unearthing intelligent solutions is good for everyone. This Technical Lead’s bread and butter is integrating third party applications – some liken it to poetry in motion. Having worked in teams of over 200 developers absorbing all there is to know about development, there’s very little Monmon can’t do (and when we say ‘do’ we mean ‘ace’).

Monmon Wang

Technical Lead

Stop, banner time!

Some get their kicks from cliff-diving, bungee-jumping, or other heartrate-heaving pastimes. For Marc, as a front-end developer and designer, there’s nothing quite like the rush of taking a two-dimensional design and elevating it to animated banner status. Creating an effortlessness and enjoyable online journey is the ultimate goal, and Marc will draw on 10 years’ design experience, three years’ dominating front-end development and his natural knack for managing clients to make sure that’s the end result for everyone.

Marc Oswin

Front End Developer

Normal is overrated

With seven years’ technical experience, Rabia relishes the thrill of a new project and a fresh challenge. This Technical Producer’s crazy-keen eye for detail and unwavering positivity and patience see projects sail smoothly from concept to completion on the regular.

Rabia Chhabra

Technical Producer

Transforms into a replicant at full moon

As a full stack developer – the dev equivalent of having a finger in every pie – Ward is all over it. ‘It’ in this instance being the build of digital products, the polishing of said products with equal skill on the front and back ends, javascript magic and some impressive motion graphics thrown in for good measure.

Ward Oosterlijnck

Full Stack Developer

Giving up is not an option

You know those people who absolutely thrive on getting the job done? Fuelled and sustained – dare we say intoxicated? – by the going above and beyond for the team and clients ? Well that’s Eric. This outright all-rounder eats high-quality development for breakfast. And for dessert, he goes hard at endless helpings of e-commerce web applications.

Eric Fu

Full Stack Developer

I dream in code

And you thought your dreams were interesting! Mark can build websites in his sleep – well, almost. With front-end development skills stronger than graphene (go on, google it), Mark’s time is typically divided between three things- aforementioned sleep coding, crafting killer websites in daylight hours, and devouring the latest in tech knowledge with unyielding enthusiasm.

Mark Perry

Front End Developer

Drinking when thirsty

Mary – the ‘M’ is for motivated. A super-fast learner and even faster doer, Mary’s front-end dev skills are as mean as they come. She’s delivered countless successful projects for DotDev’s key partner agencies and all with an upbeat attitude that makes working with her an absolute breeze. GitHub and Shopify beam like love-struck teens when they see Mary coming.

Mary Babadi

Front End Developer

Tomorrow is another day

Fast-learning, skilled to the nines and fiercely devoted to building on his knowledge, Linh is the sharpest .NET developer going around. Task-oriented at all times, Linh guides projects from start to finish with the utmost care and a dash of dot-pizazz.

Linh Hoang

.NET Developer

Belly full eyelid loose

Not much gets past Linus. This eagle-eye sucker for detail boasts six years’ industry experience. While working in Taiwan for the country’s leading music service, Linus developed an arsenal of unrivalled skills that he now wields for DotDev like digital nunchucks.

Linus Yen

PHP Developer

It really is a pleasure to work with you – responsive, calm, attentive, diligent and passionate. And sometimes Brendon laughs at my jokes so he gets extra points.

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